The purpose of this project is to use the music as an educational and re-educational tool for the children of the area.

Music has always played a fundamental role in education. Great philosophers and thinkers such as Aristotle, Socrates and Pythagoras have highlighted its functions and potential. The ancient Conservatories in seventeenth-century Naples made use of it to a large extent to train generations of neglected children, destined to live on the street.

Even today, there are areas of economic and cultural deprivation in the city, children left to fend for themselves. They easily escape compulsory schooling, precluding any possibility of social inclusion in the future. They become easy prey of the Camorra and adapt to living by expedients and abuses since adolescence. In the area there is a lack of social centers, sports and recreational facilities, institutions that take care of the children, who support them in their growth and stimulate their unrevealed skilks.

The project aims to track down these young people in the area and lure them with music, with the teaching of an attractive instrument, also according to their inclinations.
It will be a zero-cost operation for the kids, able to support them, accompanying them in their growth, encouraging in their commitment. It is not coincidence that many psychiatrists recommend music therapy to children with attention problems, in the presence of symptoms of tensions, stress, trauma, as studying music can be an important socialization means that helps to create new friendships, builds bonds and strengthens existing relationships by pushing to socialize with people who share the same passions, the same age-related discomforts.
Music unites, refines, heals: reasons that should push all educators to introduce it into their program. We will do our best. This will create a bond that will involve young people and professionals volunteers.

And who knows that an orchestra of boys will be born!

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